Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wilwood Calipers

Recent updates include Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite calipers and 11.75" vented rotors.To fit the Southwick alloy hub and uprated axle, a custom hat had to be made. This combo weighs exactly the same as the stock hub/caliper/hat set-up, so I am not adding to unsprung weight.

You can also see the 1" hollow sway bar. It is currently set to it's stiffest setting, and is easily adjusted by screwing out the bolt through the lower rod-end. Clearly it awaits track time for tuning, so I figured I will start at the stiffest setting and softening as required. Spring are pretty soft at 420 lbs/in. They are also suprisingly tall. These springs were on the car before it went on it's diet, and the car sat very low. I've dumped so much weight that the ride height is now an inch higher, almost stock.

Now I know why parts are often labelled "For Racing Use Only"; it's just another way of saying "Guaranteed Not To Fit"!


The Editor said...

Nice car...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Mind telling me where you got the phrase "consume, be silent, die" from?


What were you doing in Sydney in 1974?

Come on!!! Tell all !!! :-)

hottr6 said...

I was studying at the University of Sydney. The phrase came from a mind-altering haze that complelled me to spraypaint it inside the tunnel at Homebush railway station. I was told it was still there, albeit under decades of brake dust.