Monday, August 27, 2007

A word about lousy vendors

Generally, we in the Triumph hobby are served extremely well by enthusiastic and knowledgeable vendors. Today's rant is about one of the few who are not deserving of our business.

Chris Cancelli at Performance Research Industries ( in Sutherlin, OR, is one of them. 3 years ago I gave him a $500 deposit for him to complete the development of the "big brake kit" for TR6 that he had been advertising on his website. 12 months later, nothing had materialized, though I had been phoning every 2 months for a status update. After 12 months, I asked for my deposit back, which he refused to return. When I tried to get the money back through my credit card company, Visa was useless as they offer only 6 months protection.

I have heard many others complain about PRIRACE. Avoid this merchant.

Nearly there.
Here are some pictures of where we stand today. I am still working on the brakes and electrics, but aside from the other zillion little jobs that need to be done, when those two larger jobs are completed the car will be ready for tech inspection and the road.