Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fuel Safe

This was completed last year, but I'd not posted any pictures of it. You can see the 15 gallon Fuel Safe, fuel filter and pump. At some stage in the future I'd like to use braided lines, but the rubber hoses look workmanlike for now.

What you don't see is the impact switch which cuts power to the pump in an emergency. It works as a great ant-theft device as a slap with a hand in the appropriate place trips the switch disabling the pump until I reset it.

The drilled brace supporting the pump (on rubber blocks to cut down on noise from vibration) and filter saves a couple of ounces in weight; big deal. But it's intimidation factor to the competition is palpable. :)

Wilwood Calipers

Recent updates include Wilwood Forged Billet Superlite calipers and 11.75" vented rotors.To fit the Southwick alloy hub and uprated axle, a custom hat had to be made. This combo weighs exactly the same as the stock hub/caliper/hat set-up, so I am not adding to unsprung weight.

You can also see the 1" hollow sway bar. It is currently set to it's stiffest setting, and is easily adjusted by screwing out the bolt through the lower rod-end. Clearly it awaits track time for tuning, so I figured I will start at the stiffest setting and softening as required. Spring are pretty soft at 420 lbs/in. They are also suprisingly tall. These springs were on the car before it went on it's diet, and the car sat very low. I've dumped so much weight that the ride height is now an inch higher, almost stock.

Now I know why parts are often labelled "For Racing Use Only"; it's just another way of saying "Guaranteed Not To Fit"!