Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The CollageMahal

Yes, I know. I've not worked on Rags in a long time. With the move to New Mexico, and then all the construction on the Gone-to-the-Dogs Ranch, has left precious little time for car stuff. Now, with the completion of Pam's art studio, I can spend time finishing Rags.

After the CollageMahal, there are no new projects on the campus. There are still some pennies to spend on Rags, and there are few of those these days. The construction has used all our funds, and the economic crash has reduced my retirement savings to my retirement-party savings. Things are tight, and this month, for the first time in my life, I could only pay half of my credit-card bill. Having 2 crowns on my teeth in the past month was the culprit, and by virtue of terrible health insurance, I was out of pocket a good sum of money. So ther'll be no spending on Rags for quite a while.

Nevermind, I completed ignition/charging/start circuits on the Guzzi, and am working on lights. She is very close to starting.

The OSSA is ready to go at anytime. All she needs is gas....and a trailer to get me to track-day in Albuquerque....and leathers (funny how the old ones "shrink" with age)......and........

How long did I say it would be before I get around to finishing Rags?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inside the GarageMahal

This is a video for my Mum & Dad, showing them the inside of the new GarageMahal. The Guzzi is being rewired, a difficult task on account that I am relocating all the electrical components in the cramped space underneath the tank.