Monday, January 23, 2006

Rags lives!

Got the motor running last night. All the problems that I have been having; slow cranking, fire in the distributor, intermittent spark; were all due to...... engine was not earthed! Yup, stoopid me forgot to ground the engine.

I was hooking up some safety wire to run the 3 chokes when the wire started to glow red when it touched the body. So I hooked up a grounding strap, and the motor fired and ran within a 1/2 a revolution. 100 lbs of oil pressure, perhaps a little high and I should check the oil pressure release valve.

Motor sounds awesome. Ran it at around 2000 rpm. Plugged a few leaks while it ran. The GP3 is a nice sounding cam. Played with timing. I set the roller rockers per the instructions (17 thous on inlet, 19 thous on exhaust), but they sound a little noisy to me. The head is getting a lot of oil.

I'm going to have to strip the carbs. I pulled the plugs and 2 of the plugs (Champion RNY7C) were wet (not from the same carb, so not a float bowl problem?), and the other 4 were very sooty. Curiously, the header from one of the wet plugs was hotter than the others. Thats bizarre because I thought that the hot header would have been due to a lean condition. So I think a carb teardown is in order.

I'm going to run stock plugs (Champion NY9) as well, just in case the cold plugs that I was using were not correct.

I have a sound file of the unmuffled beast running. I'll post that soon.


Walter - Signal Red TR6 said...

Hello hottr6,

Found your website and blog with a bit of help from Google. Your car looks very good. Fantastic job, congratulations! Can you please send me the announced sound file of the roaring beast? My mail address is I am (almost) the proud owner of a 1970 TR6 PI (nut & bolt restoration alsmost finished) - see my webpages (

Brussels - Belgium

Jason said...

Do you have more photos of the car in it's current state? I'm curious to see how the TR3 indicators look (if you did install them as mentioned on your normal site). I live in Northern, VA and drive a '73 TR6... look forward to seeing your car at a show one of these days.


tidbinbilla said...

You can run but you can't hide, mate!! Knew you would show up in due time. What have you done to your sweet red TR6?!?

jam.rijkers said...

i am loeking and will sel 2 gute schers
for triump tr6 1971
collor black